The Quality department at F.C. Phillips is well equipped with the full assortment of typical inspection measuring equipment. This equipment is calibrated to a documented schedule by both an independent, external metrology lab and internally, to professional procedures. All inspection and manufacturing inspection equipment is logged and stickered showing done and due dates, with supporting certification. The staff is very experienced, acquired from much diversified assortment of industries.

The actual department is air conditioned, allowing for a degree of climate control and well lighted. Each inspector's station has its own computer which is connected to the company's main frame, allowing access to all quality forms, procedures and quality records. Sample plans are used for all jobs, tailored Quality plans can be developed and inspection reports provided when requested by contract, as are certificates of compliance by F.C. Phillips, material certs, certified test reports and outside processes certificates of conformance when required by contract. First piece, in process and final inspections performed for all jobs for all customers. All quality and production documents involved in product realization are retained for ten years. All suppliers are surveyed prior to approval and resurveyed yearly with performance evaluated twice yearly. All suppliers allow site visits by F.C. Phillips and/or its customers. The quality department maintains and performs the internal audit function to a documented schedule and procedure.

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